Support Services

At the heart of what we do and the largest of the 5 Pillars on which our survivorship program is built is support services. These services help fight isolation, which is one of the leading concerns identified by cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and family members. It also lowers depression, fatigue, confusion, and mood disturbances while enhancing quality of life, instilling hope, and strengthening the will to live and improve relationships with loved ones and family members.
Our ongoing professionally led support groups are held twice a month in person at 1719 W 3rd St, Bloomington, IN 47404.All support groups are offered as hybrid events for those that may not want to attend in person. Support groups are for people with cancer and their loved ones. These groups allow people impacted by cancer to know they are not alone.In group, members find support and hope from other members and find the group to be a safe confidential way to discuss the fear, hurt, and pain associated with a cancer diagnosis. Group is also a place to celebrate milestones in treatment and develop coping skills. Learn more about our specific groups and the process for joining.
*A brief intake is required prior to joining support groups
All Cancer Support Group: 1st and 3rd Wednesday 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Friends & Family Support Group: 1st and 3rd Wednesday 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Supportive Sounds: 2nd and 4th Monday 5:30 PM

Individual Counseling

Short-term one-to-one counseling is available for cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and family members. Each participant receives 6 sessions in addition to a first-time intake session. Our counselors include licensed LCSWs, recent MSW graduates, and graduate interns who receive weekly supervision with licensed clinical staff. We offer in person, virtual, and phone services to best meet each person's needs.

Art Cart

Art Cart is a program where we deliver art kits to patients in infusion centers while they are going through long chemo treatments. In addition to fun activity books and journals, Frankly Speaking About Cancer and other resources are included in the kits along with our Companion program calendar and information about support groups, individual counseling, reiki, massage therapy, and other supportive programs.

Emma's Art Kits – Backpacks

Emma's Art Kits were created by a 16 year old girl named Emma Stumpf after going through her own cancer journey since age 7. Today, we have expanded her idea to create Emma’s Art Kits Backpacks for youth in South Central Indiana. The backpacks are full of helpful materials to aid children in coping with their loved one’s illness. Mindfulness activities, creative expression through coloring, painting, and journaling can help youths deal with the hard stuff cancer brings to a family.
Contact or call (812) 233-3286 to learn more or join any of these programs.
Many of our programs are offered in a virtual or hybrid format, view our current bi-monthly publication The Companion with specific current program listings to see all programs offered and in-person and virtual/hybrid options.